Dipping unhas

Dippinng Powder Nails Technique

Formação Dipping

This is how it all began

And that’s how it really went, from simple dream to reality. The wonder SNS Nails dipping powder nails technique was invented by us. A story that began more than 31 years ago …


Certified SNS Training

We are a DGERT Portuguese certified training entity, also recognized by the United States as SNS Academy, recognition for the work developed by the SNS Lovers family in Europe …

Dip colors

The largest dipping collection

More than 1000 dipping powder colors. Did you know that we have the largest variety of dipping colors in the world? Out of curiosity, in nude colors only, there are more than 90 “Colored Passion”…

For you, always the best …

Dipping Novas Cores

Dipping Training Information

We have a few options for you to choose from …

Academy Dipping S|N|S
Dipping Certificado